30 Day Singer Avoiding Bad Vocal Technique TUTORIAL

By | May 4, 2022

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30 Day Singer Avoiding Bad Vocal Technique TUTORIAL

We can broadly define a bad vocal technique as anything that hurts you or prevents you from singing with your best, most free and beautiful tone. But we’re gonna get a little more specific. This tutorial will cover the three bad techniques that I see with a majority of voice students. Part 1 covers pushing for high notes; we’ll talk about what to do instead, and practice with a few exercises. Part 2 is about neglecting either head voice or chest voice. And part 3 will cover the bad techniques that result from trying to sound good. Now, of course we do want to sound good, but some weird stuff can happen when we’re trying so hard. These techniques are most common with beginning students, but any level can benefit from these exercises and reminders.


  • 1: Welcome
  • 2: Pushing for High Notes
  • 3: Neglecting Head and Chest Voice
  • 4: Trying to Sound Good
  • 5: Conclusion

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