30 Day Singer How to Sing Country TUTORIAL

By | May 4, 2022

30 Day Singer How to Sing Country TUTORIAL

30 Day Singer How to Sing Country TUTORIAL

Country music has its roots in American blues and folk music. Over time, the country genre has also come to include elements of pop, rock, and most recently, hip hop and rap. Because it originated in the American south, country singers tend to sing with a distinct accent and tone, which some call the “country twang”.

In part 1 of this tutorial, we’ll cover vowels and the Southern accent. In part 2: twang, resonance and tone. And part 3: country stylization.

But before you head over to part 1, are you listening to a lot of country music? If you want to sing in this style well, you should be! Let the greats of country music be your first teachers as you listen, sing along, and learn to capture their style. This tutorial will help synthesize what you’re hearing and give you a jump start to singing country music.


  • 1: Welcome
  • 2: Vowels & Accent
  • 3: Tone & Resonance
  • 4: Country Style
  • 5: Conclusion

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