30 Day Singer Jazz Style For Beginners TUTORIAL

By | May 3, 2022

Jazz Style For Beginners

30 Day Singer Jazz Style For Beginners TUTORIAL

While every jazz singer has their own unique tone and style, there are a few common elements we can practice to embody traditional jazz vocal style. Here are some common styles: swung rhythm, smooth, easy tone, gravelly, even choppy tone, smooth, effortless tone, and last, we have vibrato & embellishment. With each lesson in this series, we’ll take a jazz standard to practice with.

Join Camille for a warmup focused on chromaticism, another important element of jazz music!

Here are the lead sheets for the songs discussed in this tutorial:

“Let Me Call You Sweetheart” lead sheet PDF: https://library.indstate.edu/about/units/rbsc/kirk/PDFs/sm1910_let.pdf

“By The Light Of The Silvery Moon” lead sheet PDF: https://levysheetmusic.mse.jhu.edu/collection/145/108

“It Had To Be You” lead sheet PDF: http://www.tanglinclub.org.sg/hosted/Choir/It%20Had%20To%20Be%20You.pdf


  • 1: Welcome
  • 2: Warmup
  • 3: Swung Rhythm
  • 4: Smooth Easy Tone
  • 5: Vibrato & Embellishment
  • 6: Conclusion

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