30 Guitar Licks For The Weekend Warrior TUTORIAL

30 Guitar Licks For The Weekend Warrior TUTORIAL

30 Licks For The Weekend Warrior is a course designed to help build your chops as a guitar player by teaching you super fun licks to play over the most common styles and chord progressions.

Focusing on Beginner to Intermediate players, who have some very basic soloing skills … We’re NOT going to razzle and dazzle you with ridiculously fast, impossible to play licks… but rather focus on short, simple licks and phrases that will help to spice up your playing and give you some new ideas to bring to any jam, open mic or songwriting session.

The power in these licks, AND the way that they are taught by the instructor Jonathan Sheffer, comes from a strong focus in how to take simple ideas and expand on them to make them your own!

Each lesson contains 7 parts. We start out by teaching you how to play the Rhythm/Chord progression that the licks were written for. Then we teach you 5 individual licks (with variations). Finally, we show you how to tie all 5 licks together to play a full guitar solo! Each lesson has a backing track that is both used in the lesson and that you can use to practice and jam along with to master these licks and create new ones of your own.

The licks are broken down into these 6 Lessons:

  • Blues In A
  • Rock Blues
  • Soloing over G,C,D Major
  • 3rds & 6th’s Over G,C,D Major
  • G Minor Rock
  • Licks Over ii-V-I

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