Ableton Live 11 “how to make a beat ” (starter kit) TUTORIAL

By | July 16, 2022

Ableton Live 11 How to Make a Beat Starter Kit TUTORIAL

Ableton Live 11 How to Make a Beat Starter Kit TUTORIAL

Did you just buy Ableton Live 11 but you don’t know how to make a beat or how/where to start? I got you covered. with this course you will be capable of making a beat and understanding the concepts of making a beat. you couldn’t make one beat before? with this course I will guarantee you can get your first export! don’t worry you got this!!.. In this course it will be a on demand course. straight to the point. my main goal and main point is to give you the skill/share my secrets/what i know/ and make you proud to know that you are capable of creating beats for yourself! with this course you will be able to coordinate/calibrate/situate/assimilate yourself to the powers of Ableton Live 11. This is the course you will need to jumpstart your career/journey/side projects. After this course you will feel like a producer. you will be confident to produce for your top favorite aspiring artists. with this course we dive into making a beat consisting of hip hop / rap elements in mind. this course will increase you chances of planned happenstance. Invest into yourself into your skills into your future. this will be a win for your music career


  • Section 1: How to make a beat from start to export on Ableton Live 11 “a quick jumpstart”
  • Lecture 1 instructions
  • Lecture 2 free preview/promo teaser
  • Lecture 3 (VIDEO) glamour making a beat + resources/download material
  • Lecture 4 Melodies
  • Lecture 5 Kicks/Bass
  • Lecture 6 mixing/mastering
  • Lecture 7 exporting
  • Lecture 8 you ready to produce tracks/upload them ?

Ableton Live users.,aspiring music producers, audio producers, audio engineers, audio technicians, sound designers, those looking for music industry entry level skills

What you’ll learn:

  • profound music knowledge
  • modern recording techniques on Ableton
  • write/arrange/compose/produce/design track from start to finish
  • this tutorial is rooted in hip hop elements
  • gain the skills needed for scoring/soundtracking television/commercial/movie royalties
  • gain the production knowledge needed to generate tracks for artist placements/ royalty publishing

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