Ableton Live 9 Skin v1.02 by PureAV

Ableton Live 9 Skin v1.02 by PureAV
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*RECOMMENDED SKIN SETTINGS ARE ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE SCREENSHOT. Need to mention this because a lot of you are not looking at the bottom right for some reason.*

Note: For those who follow my work but don’t know what Ableton Live is, this design contains no custom imagery replacements as my usual work does! It’s essentially a color theme. Live is notoriously a royal pain to do even that.

– WIN: Place LT.ask in C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 9.x Suite\Resources\Skins.
– MAC: Right click on Ableton app icon > show package contents> app resources> skins.
– Select skin in Live preferences.
– Do remember to transfer the skin over to any new Live installations/updates.

1.02 Notes:
– Freeze tracks now have a hint of blue. Previously they were white hindering text readability.
– Tracks in Arrangement view that differed from Session view were appearing solid white. They are now subtley pink to reflect the ‘Back to Arrangement’ button color. (Thanks andresnol.)

1.01 Notes:
– Changed sequencer note colors to pink/red instead of blue. I preferred blue, but the highlight color was also blue, which I couldn’t change because that color is shared for other things. *grumble*

1.0 Notes:
– It’s very likely that some small areas will look shitty. This is something we all have to live with as the skinning system for Live is terrible, and many sections/params share the same color. That said, I’ll continue to look out for anything I can improve and post updates when I do.