Acoustic Guitar for Beginners TUTORIAL

By | May 8, 2022

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners TUTORIAL

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners TUTORIAL

Practical guide to understanding the basics of guitar

Hi my name is Nikhil Aarons and I’ve been teaching the guitar for almost 9-10 years now. I’ve created this course mainly for those starting to learn the guitar and methods I’ve used with many students I’ve taught. If you’re lost and don’t know where or what to begin with, this course is just for you!

It’s made with the aim to help you learn step by step. It’s a very practical course which will help you understand various techniques in a very simple way, with small tips that will make a big difference in your playing.

We’ll cover topics starting right from understanding which guitar is best for you, different picks/ plectrums, tuning, finger exercises, basic chords, using a metronome, about strings etc. Once you get this down you’ll be ready to play simple songs and also move ahead since you have a good understanding of rhythm and relationship of the chords you’ve learnt and putting the two together.

Enjoy learning and make sure you practice everyday, these might feel tough, but with the tips I’ve mentioned and regular practice, you’ll do well. This course will help you get that start you are looking for in your musical journey.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn basic chords
  • Learn Strumming patterns to get you going
  • Understand how to tune, choose pick and other important things
  • Combining chords and rhythm patterns and using a metronome

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