Advanced Tips & Techniques With Studio One TUTORIAL

Advanced Tips & Techniques With Studio One TUTORIAL

Learning new tips, tricks and techniques to advance your skills in Studio One

What you’ll learn:

  • How to advance your Studio One skills
  • New Editing, MIDI and Mixing techniques


  • Studio One Artist or Professional Software
  • A basic knowledge of the application

Do you find you could be more efficient in Studio One, and have a better workflow?In this course I’m going to show you some advanced tips, tricks and techniques to improve the way you work in Studio One, that will improve your workflow and efficiency in the applicationI’ll also take you through some of the new updates and features, that will also help with your audio editing, MIDI programming and Mixing.So, if you want to up skill your Studio one Skills, and improve your audio, MIDI and mixing in Studio one, then this is the perfect course for you! Learn the tips, tricks and techniques to improve your workflow within Studio OneThis course will take you step-by-step on how to use hidden tools and gems in the application to improve your workflow and get better results with your music productions.I’ll provide you with a Studio One project to follow along with, as I’m a firm believer in that if you practice while you watch, you will get the most out of this learning experience. And by seeing and understanding how these tools and tricks work, you’ll be able to quickly improve your own productions in your songs.With easy-to-follow tutorials and a real-world example, you’ll enjoy learning while taking action. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?How to Work between songs and projects Using Audio Bend to correct timing issues, and to edit and manipulate your audio. Using the Track Transform to render your audio tracks and instruments Extracting audio note data to MIDI How to use Event FX Taking a look at the update to the MIDI tools Using the new Splitter tool, for better parallel processing. WHY USE STUDIO ONE 5?Studio One is a packed with a ton of tools and features to use in your productionsUsing the included tools and features to take your Studio One songs to the next level WHY LEARN FROM US?This course will go through the steps on how you can improve your productions within Studio One using its tools and featuresMy goal with the course is to give you tools within Studio One that help you write and produce better songs.I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN THE COURSE! Cheers, Gary Hiebner


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Improving your Workflow Between Songs


Lecture 3 Using Audio Bend to Correct Timing Issues

Lecture 4 Using Audio Bend in a Creative Way

Lecture 5 Manipulating your Audio with Melodyne

Lecture 6 Using Track Transform to Improve your Computer Performance


Lecture 7 Extracting Audio Note Data to MIDI

Lecture 8 The New updates to the MIDI Tools

Lecture 9 How to use the Step Record

Section 4: Mixing

Lecture 10 How to use Event FX

Lecture 11 Using the New Splitter Tool for Parallel Processing

Lecture 12 Conclusion

Section 5: Using Macros

Lecture 13 How to Use Macros

Lecture 14 Musical Editing with Macros

Lecture 15 Creating your Own Macros

Lecture 16 How to Setup and Use Studio One Remote

Lecture 17 BONUS Lecture: Congratulations 🙂

Section 6: Project Files

Lecture 18 Project File Downloads

Studio One users who are looking at improving their skill set in the application

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