AHEE's Magic Ableton Racks Vol.1 ADG

AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol.1 ADG

Includes 25 Advanced Ableton Racks:

  • AHEE’s Magic Box (Advanced Compression Rack) (+ a simpler 2 knob version)
  • AHEE’s Robot Maker (4 Robot like vocals)
  • AHEE’s Singer Vocalizer (Instantly make vocals shine)
  • AHEE’s Rap Vocalizer (Great 4 rap vocals)
  • AHEE’s Magic Transient Designer
  • AHEE’s Smash Rack (Great to build Basses & Leads, also good subtly on drums.)
  • AHEE’s Multiband Amp (Great on Saw Waves)
  • AHEE’s Instant Lead Maker (Just throw it on a Saw Wave and its good to go on large speaker systems!)
  • AHEE’s Shiney Space Maker (Also great for leads)
  • AHEE’s Gain Stage Widget
  • AHEE’s Subtle Warm Distortion
  • AHEE’s Trippy Bass Maker (Great on Saw Waves)
  • AHEE’s Neuro Bass Crusher (Also Great on Saw Waves)
  • AHEE’s Stereoize Hi End
  • AHEE’s Phase 808 (Great on 808s)
  • AHEE’s Megaphone Vox
  • AHEE’s Multiband Sidechain
  • AHEE’s Magic Fade Away (Amazing way to fade into a breakdown or into the end of a track.)
  • AHEE’s Up/Down Compression
  • AHEE’s Metallic Snare Maker
  • AHEE’s Hi-Lo Splitter
  • AHEE’s Mid-Side Splitter
  • AHEE’s Megaphone Vocals
  • AHEE’s TOO LOUD Mixer (Great for Sound Design)

All made from Ableton’s stock FX. Needs version 9.6 or above.

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