Alex Retsis Synthetic Percussion Vol.1 WAV

Alex Retsis Synthetic Percussion Vol.1 WAV

A handpicked collection of 99 synthetic drum sounds, created with customized drum machines and drum modelling software. Tailor-made to fit your percussive needs, from electronica to modern pop and from hip-hop tο techno!

99 Sounds

Alex Retsis is a freelance audio specialist based in Athens, Greece. He has provided sound design & music composition services for international clients including Vodafone, WIND, IKEA, X-BOX / Microsoft, HALLS, AMSTEL and many others. For his work in advertisement he has won domestic awards. Alex has provided sound design and music production services for Native Instruments, Arturia, Twisted Tools, SoundMorph, Krotos, Tonsturm, Source Sound, Glitchmachines, AudioModern, Unfiltered Audio and Sugar Bytes among others. He is well known for his expertise in the chiptune / 8-bit realm, his boutique loops, his imaginative / edgy sounds and his eclectic sample and sound effect libraries. Alex is also the main artist behind “Qebo”, the experimental electronic music act.


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