Ask Video Omnisphere 301 Omnisphere Advanced Sound Design [TUTORIAL]

Ask Video Omnisphere 301 Omnisphere Advanced Sound Design [TUTORIAL]

Are you using Spectrasonics Omnisphere and only taking advantage of its presets? Don’t miss out on the wealth of creative possibilities! Watch this course to learn how to use this powerful instrument to its fullest with sound designer Rishabh Rajan.

Are you tired of scrolling through patches that don’t inspire you? Master Spectrasonics Omnisphere with trainer, producer and sound designer Rishabh Rajan, and take your sound design skills to the next level! This online course will give you a deep understanding of Omnisphere and all its features. You’ll learn to create unique, inspiring sounds that express your own creative style.

The course begins with an introduction to Omnisphere, covering the basics of this powerful, but intimidating instrument. Rishabh then dives deep into the synth engine, exploring signal flow, effects, and envelopes. Next, you learn all about LFOs… shapes, modulating LFOs, polyphonic LFOs and more. The course culminates in the final section, where you’ll apply your newfound knowledge to create a variety of sounds, from plucks, electric pianos, organs, sine plucks, ambient guitars, lush pads, basses, arps, and even granular patches.

So, what are you waiting for? Go beyond the presets… Watch this course now and unlock the power of Omnisphere!

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1h 36m

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