Atomic Sounds Riddim Presets Bundle

Atomic Sounds Riddim Presets Bundle

Welcome to the first release of Atomic Sounds. Add to your productions a powerfull bass and innovation with this preset pack!.
Experience these main sounds to take your skills to a new level.


  • x16 Powerfull Bass
  • x1 Crazy Arp
  • x3 Nice FX
  • x2 Awesome plucks

Second level about this crazy collection.

Experience new tools to develop in this crazy environment.

  • x25 Huge Bass
  • X3 Beautiful Pads
  • x2 Crazy Leads

Happy to announce the third pack of “Riddim Presets For Serum”.

With 25 bass worked with delicacy and dedication to give you the best pack of presets for this great genre that is the Riddim.

  • x25 HUGE bass

4 months have passed since we launched “Riddim Presets for Serum Vol.3”

Now we are back with 25 new and improved presets to take your songs to another level. New thing, all the preset are manipulated with Macro so that it is easier to play with them.

  • x2 ARP
  • x20 Stronge Bass
  • x3 Plucks

A new preset pack arrive! 25 Serum presets with more potential to your productions. Inspired by the most populars Riddim artist like 50 Carrot, MONXX, Svdden Death, Subtronics, He$h and many more.
(Include 5 Free Bass Loops)

  • x2 Nice Pluks
  • x20 HUGE Basses
  • x3 Beautiful Pads

Number 6 from this Riddim Presets series is arrived!. 25 new patchs for Serum that will make you sound more professional in this scene.

  • x20 Fantastic Basses
  • x5 Effects

We continue to climb in helping you to reach your goals and acquire the necessary tools to complete your creations. “Riddim Presets For Serum Vol. 7” has 20 new basses that will blow your head with its incredible sounds, in addition to the incorporation of 11 wavetables so you can create new sounds.

  • x20 AMAZING Basses

Give your tracks a new twist with this eighth part of “Riddim Presets for Serum”. New sounds that will make your productions unique, allowing you to explore new horizons, besides making them stand out with this originality of presets.

  • x20 AWESOME Basses
  • x5 Effects

This level 9 will bring you the originality, due to these 20 unique sounds and 10 wavetables that will leave you crazy with the many possibilities offered by this pack.

  • x20 Crazy Basses
  • x10 Wavetables

And here is the final stage of this great sound journey. Vol. 10 is already a reality, with 25 heavy sounds for your Riddim songs.

  • x25 Heavy Basses

​(Serum required version 1.269)

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