Audio Nebula Aurora FM v1.4.0 VST [WIN]

By | April 15, 2022

Audio Nebula Aurora FM v1_4_0 WIN

Audio Nebula Aurora FM v1.4.0 VST [WIN]

4-part multi-timbral FM synthesizer with 6 operators, 39 algorithms, 65 waveform variations, 40 voices, deep modulation, effects (overdrive, chorus, delay, and reverb), and performance features. A whopping 602 parameters per part.

High performance, 100% original C++ and assembly code with meticulously optimized execution paths for processors supporting SSE2, AVX, or AVX2+FMA instruction set extensions.

Single-screen, everything-visible, non-skeuomorphic UI with controls designed for efficient mouse interaction and visual feedback; no hidden parameters, tabs, menu-diving, etc.

Unique variable 2×3 or 3×2 algorithm-dependant operator layout elevates clarity and usability beyond other FM synthesizers.
DPI-aware and custom scaling from 50-200%.

ODDSound’s MTS-ESP microtuning support.

Not a DX7 emulation! Aurora FM translates Yamaha DX7/21/27/100/11 & TX81Z patches but is a superior, semi-modular, highly-usable modern instrument for musicians and synthesists.

Inspired by modulation monsters like the Alesis Ion and Waldorf Q.



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