Aveiro Apocrypha Gods WAV

Aveiro Apocrypha Gods WAV

Apocrypha Gods, is the end. A premium installment. Sounds inspired by the grace of the Olympian Gods, will set you in the Golden Age of men and the major pantheon of Greek deities. Immortal beings possessing perfect beauty and elegance, will supervise you into your next musical creation. “Dias” the King of the Gods and God of Thunder, “Hera” the Queen of the Gods and Goddess of Marriage, “Hades” the King of the Underworld and God of the Dead, “Poseidonas” the God of the Seas, “Demetra” the Goddess of Agriculture, “Athena” the Goddess of Wisdom, “Apollonas” the God of the Arts, “Artemis” the Goddess of Wildlife, “Ares” the God of War, “Aphrodite” the Goddess of Love, “Hephaestos” the God of the Forge, “Hermes” the messenger of the Gods, “Hestia” the Goddess of Hearth and finally, “Dionysos” the God of Vine.

361 Sounds

Music producer Aveiro takes the form of his music. From sounds dwelling in the Deep House scene to sounds shining bright in the Pop culture. In 2018 he was proudly crowned winner of three official competitions at MetaPop, one for original composition for Native Instruments Kinetic Toys sound pack and two remix competitions. Now, he opens up his deepest secrets through the series “Apocrypha”.

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