Aveiro Apocrypha V WAV

By | January 5, 2023

Aveiro Apocrypha V WAV

Aveiro Apocrypha V WAV

Apocrypha V, is the fifth and final instalment of sample pack series “Apocrypha” assembled by Aveiro. A dive into the sensation of love and the seven winged gods ”Erotes”. “Anteros” the god of requited love, “Eros” the love and desire itself, “Hedylogos” the god of sweet-talk and flattery, “Hermaphroditus” the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, “Himeros” the god of unrequited love, “Hymenaios” the god of marriage and finally “Pothos” the manifestation of lust.

95 Sounds

Music producer Aveiro takes the form of his music. From sounds dwelling in the Deep House scene to sounds shining bright in the Pop culture. In 2018 he was proudly crowned winner of three official competitions at MetaPop, one for original composition for Native Instruments Kinetic Toys sound pack and two remix competitions. Now, he opens up his deepest secrets through the series “Apocrypha”.

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