Basement Freaks Presents Disco Chunky Guitars WAV

Basement Freaks Presents Disco Chunky Guitars WAV

It’s time to get your dancing shoes on as “Disco Chunky Guitars’ by Basement Freaks is bringing funky, body-moving grooves back to your productions! We can just imagine a Disco ball lighting up the dancefloor as these guitars fill us with that late night, Studio 54 dancefloor energy!

Inside are funkying, chunking samples from multiple guitars that bring 70s & 80s vibes, and are inspired by Nile Rodgers and alike. Including Fender Jazzmaster & Stratocaster (Japan Models), and a Squire Tele modified guitar. The loops have been modulated with some classic flanger, chorus, vibrato and doublers of the disco and funk eras. Basement Freaks hasn’t only supplied us with tasty guitar loops, there’s also fiery basslines, fresh Drum loops, signature drum one-shots, bouncy percussion loops and electro music loops that have been expertly crafted and infused with disco tones by using tape simulation and authentic resampling.

These samples range from 110 to 118BPM for the perfect disco beat and midtempo goodness. and are ready be dropped into any DAW. Disco Chunky Guitars is ready to take you back to a simpler time where funk is the focus, get it today to feel the magic of disco and to be inspired!


  • 20 Bass Guitar Loops
  • 21 Drums & Percussion Loops
  • 40 Drums & Percussion One Shots
  • 74 Guitar Loops
  • 24 Guitar One Shots
  • 47 Music Loops


Demo Preview: