Basement Freaks Presents Liquid Guitars WAV

Basement Freaks Presents Liquid Guitars WAV

Shut the world off and float through a dreamy pool of ambient guitar sounds and intoxicating sound effects with ‘Basement Freaks Liquid Guitars’! Made for guitar connoisseurs, this pack features mind capturing guitars, bass guitars, keys, and brass that will transport you to a retro wonderland, these samples are soulful, jazzy, psychedelic and ready to add instant inspiration for your next production!

Basement Freaks has delivered both exquisitely hand-played samples and designed guitars. Using an array of renowned classic guitars including multiple Fender Telecasters, Jazzmasters, and his custom-made, 78 Ibanez Jazz Guitar. Some of the most classic effects of the 80s and 90s era was used to get an authentic retro sound. Including the MXR Flanger , CE-2 Vibrato’s , ELX Poly chorus, ELX Superego Stompbox, and ELX Stereo Pulsar for superior stereo tremolo and pan effects with modulation.

These samples are perfect for use as song starters or individual sounds in multiple genres. Ranging from Lo-Fi, Cinematic Ambient, Indie Pop, Instrumental Hip Hop, Dark Melodic Trap, or any productions that need a little retro touch. No matter where these samples are used they are straightforward and uncomplicated, putting the focus back onto the music and letting you stay inspired!


  • 143 Total Samples
  • 6 Drum Loops
  • 68 Guitar Loops
  • 14 Music Loops
  • 45 Guitar One Shots
  • 10 SFX Drones


Demo Preview: