Basic Music Theory & Piano Class Without A Piano TUTORIAL

Basic Music Theory & Piano Class Without A Piano TUTORIAL

This course is suitable for students interested in Music Theory, expanding their knowledge of piano, and having fun while playing music. Students should expect to learn basic to advanced Music Theory concepts such as Key Signatures, Dynamics, Letter Notation in sheet music, and no letter notation sheet music, and so much more.

Several units in this course not only have quizzes, games, tests, and personal coaching. There are also stories and real-life concepts included in the course to help the student relate what they are learning to their day to day life. A teaching method of repetition and expansion will also be used to help advanced learners grow and develop professional skills such as performance techniques that are crucial to being a music professional. These skills will not only be beneficial to the piano student while performing, but it will increase the likelihood of succeeding in a performance.

What you’ll learn:

  • Listen and identify musical elements in a song such as dynamics and chords
  • Read sheet music at a fast pace
  • Relate pop and classical songs to musical concepts
  • Read treble and bass clef with and without letter notation
  • Analyze and interpret music based on elements such as the key signature, chord pattern, and the words.
  • Have fun while playing music

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