Bassgorilla Sound Design & Arrangement With Mr.Bill TUTORIAL

Witness the ingenious talent of Mr. Bill as he reveals his innovative approaches to sound design, arrangement, workflows and more in this seven part tutorial series exclusively on BassGorilla

Results You Can Expect From This Course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of resampling and Mr. Bill’s resampling techniques
  • Discover how Mr. Bill creates glitchy pops and clicks in his rhythms and arrangements that give his music such a unique character
  • How to chop and arrange vocal samples to create vocal glitch effects
  • Separate the various processes involved in producing music
  • Create effects chains to create highly unique sounds and mixes
  • Write your own arrangements quickly and easily by utilizing the power of randomization

About Your Instructor
Bill Day (better known as Mr. Bill) is an Australian music producer and DJ.

He is known not only for his eclectic and technical production style, but also for his unorthodox production methods, which have been imitated and adapted by many well known producers.

Since releasing his first album in 2006, Mr. Bill is currently working on album number eight. He has collaborated with dozens of highly acclaimed producers.

He has become notorious for his distinct abilities to mangle and glitch audio in Ableton Live, and has held Ableton seminars in various cities around the world.

Tutorials In This Course

  • 1. Sound Design – Resampling
  • 2. Sound Design – Pops Clicks And Glitches
  • 3. Sound Design – Vocal Glitching
  • 4. Workflow – Separating Processes
  • 5. Processing – Effects Chains
  • 6. Arrangement – Mr. Bill x Holly Project Analysis
  • 7. Arrangement – 15 Minute Track Challenge

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