Skillshare Beginner EDM Production with Ableton! TUTORIAL

Beginner EDM Production with Ableton! TUTORIAL

Welcome to my Electronic Dance Music introduction course, this course is aimed at absolute beginners who want to learn the basics of using a DAW and getting to grips with adding tracks together to mix a decent dance or electronic track!

I have aimed to teach in a relaxed and straightforward manner without the need for too much industry lingo or overcomplicated nonsense, I hope that it helps with people who want to just get to work without too much perfectionism.

Feel free to message me or ask as many questions as you like!

Hopefully you guys will be able to use the materials I have put below to add to your projects, I discuss and use all of the assets I have attached, during my videos, so you will have a chance to hear how they sound, and hear my thoughts on why they are so good for mixing, and some of their strengths as samples. I do still urge you to go out and about and look for new and interesting samples, and even create some of your own however!


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