BFA Guitar Sessions: Indie And Alternative Guitars WAV

By | November 30, 2019

BFA Guitar Sessions: Indie And Alternative Guitars WAV

BFA Guitar Sessions: Indie And Alternative Guitars
Size 1.63 Gb

This massive 5.8 GB (2.3 GB of 24-bit WAV files) collection of Indie and Alternative songwriter guitar styles is a celebration of groups like The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, The Head and Heart, Mumford and Sons, Fun, Alabama Shakers, Florence and the Machine, The Avett Brothers, Fall Out Boy, Queens of the Stone Age, Civil Wars, Temper Trap, Young Novalis, Imagine Dragons, and many more.

Guitar Sessions: Indie and Alternative Guitars contains 25 construction kits with each and every kit containing three to five different and unique guitars. Styles of guitars include acoustic strumming, acoustic picking, mandolins strumming, mandolins picking, slide guitars, steel guitars, clean electrics, distorted electrics, riff and heavy guitars, ambient guitars, effected guitars, muted guitars, and many more. As part of the Xtended Series, each and every kit also contains multiple song sections (verse, chorus, bridge/breakdown, turnaround and outro) allowing for virtually unlimited options; giving you everything you need to tweak to your hearts content.

Guitar Sessions: Indie and Alternative Guitars comes in the following formats: Multi-Format (Apple Loops, REX, WAV, RMX, Acid and DAW Sessions) and KLI (Kontakt 4 and 5 Instrument). Explore your inner songwriter and create tracks never before realized and make music that stands out!

Guitar Sessions: Indie and Alternative Guitars has been formatted in today’s most popular file types: ACID, Apple Loops, REX2, RMX, and WAV. With these formats, you can work with every major sampling/looping device on the market! Every file has been carefully edited to loop perfectly without any complications. Take advantage of the additional info and tagging using Apple Loops with Garage Band, Soundtrack, or Logic. Edit and rearrange your grooves with the REX2 file flexibility. Create flexible tracks with RMX. Stretch the ACIDized WAV files in Sony’s ACID Pro. And, of course, the industry standard WAV files can be loaded into almost any digital audio or sample playback program. Guitar Sessions: Indie and Alternative Guitars also includes complete DAW Sessions for Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase and OMF which can be imported and used by every major DAW workstation.

WAV Format

• 5.8 GB of material (2.3 GB of 24-bit WAV files)
• 1279 files in WAV, REX and Apple Loops (420 WAV Loops)
• 420 WAV Loops
• 25 Construction Kits


• Acoustic Rhythm (88 Audio Files)
• Acoustic Picking (24 Audio Files)
• Acoustic 12 String Rhythm (25 Audio Files)
• Electric Guitar Strumming (4 Audio Files)
• Electric Guitar Ambient Picking (18 Audio Files)
• Electric Picking (52 Audio Files)
• Electric Slide Picking (53 Audio Files)
• Mandolin Rhythm (13 Audio Files)
• Mandolin Picking (34 Audio Files)
• Electric Rhythm (82 Audio Files)


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