BRUTEI PLAGUE & Brian Spencer Dead Rising Sound Kit WAV

All the sounds from the 2021 Scarlxrd album “DEAD RISING” used by producers BRUTEI, PLAGUE, and BRIAN SPENCER. Includes Drums, FX, and full song guitar loops so you can create entire DEAD RISING inspired instrumentals!

This is a pack curated by 3 of the most innovative producers in the industry who built their reputations on blending genres and creating the trends as opposed to following them. Brutei, Brian, and Plague all had a hand in the creation of DEAD RISING and now you can get the exclusive sounds they used to make the heaviest album of the year!! This kit includes Crushing 808s, Speaker shaking kicks, and crispy snares accompanied by full song guitar loops that are quad tracked using neural dsp software and much much more… Download this kit and you shall receive the sauce!!!

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Demo Preview:

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