Bunker 8 Foley Pack Tools Gadgets Noises 1 WAV

By | December 29, 2022

Bunker 8 Foley Pack Tools Gadgets Noises 1 WAV

Bunker 8 Foley Pack Tools Gadgets Noises 1 WAV

This is a collection of foley sounds and effects recorded pristinely at Bunker 8. This collection is from our vast custom archive of foley sounds and effects that we put together for film, tv, soundtracks, bed tracks, games, commercials and cues. This collection is specifically focused around machine effects, tools, power toys, bank machines, cable drops, digital power ups, keys etc.

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A digital media and solutions provisioning company located in Canada. We sell over 1190 download products from over 80 producers. Sample packs, loops, download samples, apple loops, wav, are some of the critical formats we plan to delivery. We offer one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive range of Sample Packs for download. Bunker 8 has been producing media content, film, soundtrack, loop and audio content for over 18 years. We have produced hits for Enrique Iglesias, (Do You Know), n’Sync (Want You Back), Hillary Duff, Britney Spears, just to name a few. Our content has been featured in countless films, television commercials, soundtracks, media productions, displays. Anywhere audio and creative meet, Bunker 8 has been there.

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