Cinematic Film Music Compositions For Beginners Through Daw TUTORIAL

Cinematic Film Music Compositions For Beginners Through Daw TUTORIAL

Orchestral Epic Music Creation

What you’ll learn:

  • Create Cinematic Compositions
  • Use Virtual Orchestral Library
  • Use Music Production Software
  • Be able to divide the composition into sections

No experience requiring, but having any DAW (music production software) on your computer is essential

This course will help you compose a basic cinematic piece using your computer and a free orchestral library. It will be simple yet epic. We will cover things such as:String InstrumentsWoodwindBrassPercussionOpening of a pieceMiddle sectionEndingDifferent moodsDAWVirtual Library InstallationMuch more!!!You will find out that creating orchestral music isn’t as tough as it seems. If you practice – you can achieve anything. In this course I introduce you into cinematic composition, and help you understand the very principal of it.Try to stay consistent with your work, follow the instructions, yet stay creative. I would recommend using your own melody, instead of copying the one from the videos. However, you definitely want to be consistent with the shown structure. Make sure you complete all the homework given in the video, before submitting your final project. It will help you to complete your first cinematic composition successfully :)If you already have a DAW and a particular orchestral library, this course is still a good match for you, because I mostly cover the structure of a cinematic composition without focusing on a specific library or software. The library I use in this course is just an example and advice for the beginners. You can even make music with a tablet! It is totally up to you.Enjoy!


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 Introduction
  • Lecture 2 Orchestral Library

Section 2: Working on a Project

  • Lecture 3 SETTING UP THE DAW
  • Lecture 4 Sketching the melody
  • Lecture 5 Arranging Strings
  • Lecture 6 Arranging Woodwind and Brass
  • Lecture 7 Intro Melody
  • Lecture 8 Outro

Section 3: Final

  • Lecture 9 Work on Your Own

Beginner Cinematic Composers

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