Cinematic Tools FLUX – Motion Impacts WAV

By | February 20, 2023

Cinematic Tools FLUX - Motion Impacts WAV

Cinematic Tools FLUX – Motion Impacts WAV

Flux is a professional collection of hybrid motion impacts. With its cutting-edge sound design, Flux is the perfect tool for creating expertly crafted soundscapes for enhancing the emotional impact of your music.


We ran each sample through 4 unique processing chains to give you maximum variety when selecting the right sound for the part.

    The “unprocessed” folder of impacts was put through a chain that consisted of some multi-band compression, gentle saturation, soft clipping and some limiting.
  • DARK
    Similar to the “unprocessed” chain but we used different flavours of analogue compression + saturation and combined with a specific filter to give the overall sound a dark mood.
    The impacts in this chain were put through one algorithmic reverb and one convolution with various settings dependent on the impact.
    These impacts were put through a chain with heavy compression, saturation and hard clipping. They were first filtered to leave a lot of that rich sub clean and in tact.


The sounds in Flux have been expertly crafted by some of the best sound designers in the business. The team at Cinematic Tools have used their years of experience and sound design techniques to create a collection of sounds that are both powerful and versatile.

  • Trash
  • Vegetables
  • Goo
  • Wood
  • Water
  • Synthetic Textures
  • Metal Pipes
  • Power Tools


  • 30 unique samples
  • 120 total samples
  • 4 unique processing chains; Normal, Ambient, Distorted, Dark
  • 2 categories; Organic and Synthetic

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