Cinesamples VOXOS Epic Virtual Choir
Size 17.3 Gb

VOXOS: Epic Virtual Choirs is a remarkable new virtual instrument containing a full epic choir, boys choir, soloists and individual choir legato sections.

Powered by the industry-leading Kontakt Player engine, VOXOS contains world-renowned choirs and soloists with experience in recording for countless Hollywood films, trailers, video games and the concert stage. Recorded at the beautiful Bastyr Chapel, with its gorgeous acoustics, the choirs were captured with multiple microphone positions in 24bit/48k 5.1 surround. The result is a pristine tone that sounds great right out of the box. VOXOS contains over 35,000 samples, at an uncompressed size of 35GB.

VOXOS is split up into three main sections:

Phrase Builder
– 30 Syllable Matrix Editor
– Intuitive, performance-oriented scripting
– Staccatos, Sustains, Shouts, Whispers
– Dynamic morphing between dynamics
– 4 Mic positions + Full Mix
– Section contains over 16,000 samples

Legato Sections
– Sopranos (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
– Altos (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
– Tenors (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
– Basses (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
– Boys Choir (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
– Solo Boy, Soprano and Alto
– Real transition samples for all intervals
– Innovative Voice Leading Engine (V.L.E.)
– 4 Mic positions + Full Mix
– Section alone contains 17,000 samples

Choir FX
– Trailer Risers
– Shouts
– Whispers
– Grunts
– Screams
– Tonal Diatonic Clusters (pp to fff)
– Atonal Clusters (pp to fff)
– 1950?s Sandman Choir (bum bum)
– Contains over 1,700 samples
– 4 Mic positions + Full Mix

The Chords patch is modeled after our popular CineOrch library, where each note plays an entire chord instead of an individual pitch class. The library divides the keyboard into six main sections:

The three sections on the left correspond to the major chords, while the three right sections will trigger the minor chords. The blue keys play the chords in their root position, the yellow keys play the chords in first inversion, and the red keys play the second inversion of the chords.
The Octaves patch is not unlike the patch from our Hollywoodwinds library, where we recorded all sections performing in octaves simultaneously. This patch covers two full octaves of all sections singing the same triggered pitch class.

By default, the samples will react to CC1 and CC2, with the former controlling the dynamics, and the latter changing the vowels between Ooh and Ah. This, like the other patches, can be changed from the [Settings] tab.

We have recorded an all new solo soprano for the VOXOS 2 update. Unlike the VOXOS v1.2 Solo Soprano, we have included multiple new features for this patch.
We recorded both the sustains and the shorts for the Solo Soprano New patch. Also, the sustains now respond to CC2 which allows you to move between vibrato and non-vibrato layers. We have also included the Poly Legato function in case you wish to use this patch for multiple voices. Like in the Legato Sections patch, we included the [VLE Settings] button in case you wish to tweak the Voice Leading Engine parameters for multiple voice lines.
Solo Soprano Legacy, Solo Boy Legacy, Women Bum Bums
The last three patches of VOXOS 2 come from the old VOXOS 1.2 library. The three patches are the Solo Soprano Legacy patch, the Solo Boy Legacy patch, and the Women Bum Bums patch.
These three patches function the same way as the previous version of this library, but the sample set has been re-tuned, re-mixed, and de-noised.


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