Cinetools Nature Ambiences Calm Waves WAV

Cinetools Nature Ambiences Calm Waves WAV

‘Nature Ambiences: Calm Waves’ from 5Pin Media are proud to present their new series called ‘Nature Ambiences’. All products are filled with nature recordings to give your production a natural and organic edge.

This first edition features a variety of wave sounds recorded in different locations and surfaces including sandy coast, rocky seashore, pebble-filled beaches, jetties and silent shores. Let the waves lap over you.

This collection contains everything from quiet calmly flowing bubbles to gentle ripples, small waves dashing against the rock to rising splashes, sizzles on pebbles to gentle laps in coves, soothing waves hitting into a shore as well as seawater flowing over the boulders.

Each sound features a multitude of characteristics such as lapping, gurgling, bubbling, splashing, surging and many other forms. Recorded with Rode NT4, Rode NTG-8, Audio Technica BP4025, Zoom F8, Tascam DR-44WL and captured in different microphone perspectives during different weather conditions and contains a variety of distance recording points for getting sound at close, moderate, distant and more to fit nearly every mood so you are free to use them depending on your needs.

‘Nature Ambiences: Calm Waves’ is suitable for any production such as documentary, movie, trailer, game, soothing background music, advertising or any kind of cinematic projects requiring high-quality sea wave recordings. Also an ideal complement for producers and composers working in the genres of Ambient, Downtempo, New Age, Electronica and Experimental.

So lie back and listen to the sound of gentle waves washing into the sand.

Product Details:

  •  24-Bit/192kHz
  •  65 Files & Sounds
  •  Approx. 52 Minutes Total

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