Cj Rhen And The Trumpets Go... WAV

Cj Rhen And The Trumpets Go… WAV

This release includes solo trumpet, solo sax, ensemble sax, solo piano, and backgrounds. You can use individual parts for your creation are make one from the ground up with content from this collection. All the parts and loops are organized by instrument and chord progression. Many licks fit over relative keys and modes so give them all a try. The trumpet on this recording is a Bach 37 and the saxophones are Yamaha YAS-21 and a YTS-62. Check out the demo track and feel free to email me at [email protected] for suggestions and requests. Follow me @wind_player1 for frequent content and announcements.

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Cj Rhen is a trumpet, sax, synth, and piano player from Pittsburgh. He offers coherent, unique collections of loops and sounds for varying genres and instruments. Cj’s content is not be machined, programmed, or generic; rather it is written and performed live. Feel free to email him at [email protected] to suggest new styles, keys, and tempos for new collections.

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