DayTone Audio The Source
Size 429 Mb 

We sampled electric cellos, guitars, basses, synthesizers, ethnic instruments, percussion, and human voices for The Source.  With source-based synthesis, users will encounter a beautiful balance between 50 melodic and effect-driven patches, which flow easily between styles and scoring applications.

Tech Specs
•886.1 MB audiopool (actual recordings)
•493 MB on disk (compressed Kontakt format)
•41.1 kHz 24-bit audio format
•50 sound patches with sound sources from:
-Electric Guitar/Bass
-Electric Cello
-Human Voice (Baritone, Tenor, Shouts, Whispers)
-World Iinstruments (Tampura, Saw Duang)
-Less traditional sound sources (old furnace, oil
drum, etc.)
•Super-long samples recorded at 60 secs. plus.
•Requires Full Kontakt v. 5.4.3 or later

Inside the Interface
•Mod wheel control for volume
•Complete GUI control for:
-Envelope (attack, decay, sustain, release)
-Distortion (tone, lelvel, drive)
-Tempo-synced Pulse/LFO (note value, width)
-Convolution Reverb (pre-delay, amount, size, tone)
-Filter (frequency, tone)
•FX bypass switches for selective sound-molding
•Patch menu with access to 50 unique sounds

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