Drumdrops 70s Session Superstar WAV

Drumdrops 70s Session Superstar WAV

70s Session Superstar is a collection of over 300 grooves, loops, and one-shots from the incredible drummer Steve Taylor, recorded at the legendary Livingston Studios in London. The kit used is a beautiful Ludwig Classic, with 10, 12, 13, and 16-inch toms, a 22-inch kick, and tightly tuned Maple Birch and Yamaha Custom snares.

The skins are all Remo pinstripes on the tops and emperor clears on the bottoms, for that classic Steve Gadd 70s sound. All tuned to perfection and mic’ed up at Livingston using their incredible gear list, including a pair of valve Neumann U67s, plus U87s, D19s, 421s, and everything you’d ever expect around a kit designed to deliver that super-smooth, clean, and meticulous sound.

Tight drums, plenty of reverb, and perfectly balanced levels deliver a drum sound worthy of any 70s Session Superstar.


  • 90 one shots
  • 277 loops


Demo Preview: