Electronisounds Bassface House WAV

Electronisounds Bassface House WAV

BASSFACE HOUSE gets you up and running quickly with five all-new inspiration starter kits! All five kits include full Stems. New sounds = New inspiration! These samples are expertly produced and will get you right in the “Bass House” zone immediately – so you can hyper focus your creativity on writing, without having to worry as much about sound design. Be sure to check out the audio demo, these kits are pumpin’ ! DETAILED CONTENTS: Five Inspiration Kits at 126bpm, (labeled by Key for easy use with other samples). Individual Tracks of Kick, Hat, Snare, Clap, Bass, Pads, Vocals, Effects, Etc. Each instrument/part available individually.

56 Sounds

Hello! My name is Dean Daughters (aka Junebug) I’m an unstoppable sound designer and electronic music producer dedicated to expanding YOUR sound palette. I started Electronisounds in 1994 and have produced over 100 sample packs and vst sound banks! These days you have many, many choices for samples and presets and my goal is still to create UNIQUE SOUNDS that will inspire you to create tracks that you can be proud of.

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