Electronisounds Dean’s Noise Candy WAV

By | July 28, 2022

Electronisounds Dean's Noise Candy WAV

Electronisounds Dean’s Noise Candy WAV

Deans Noise Candy features 64 super-tasty noise textures – from filthy vinyl layers, to soothing saturtated tape hiss!

Attention Sound Designers, Filter Addicts, Dub Techno Heads, Noise Junkies, Future Garage Trippers, IDM Dreamers, Lo-Fi Loungers and Dark Techno Travellers!

You like that delicious dirt, grit and noise in your tracks to get that “authentic analog gear sound”?

Tired of the sometimes over-digital and sterile-clean sound of your DAW?

You’ve just found your dream pack of noise textures!

Adding these in subtle ways to your tracks can really give you a classic vibe, or a deep underground techno vibe.

I’ve been recording and collecting “noise textures” for years.

Dirty vinyl noise, tape hiss, white noise, analog gear hums, ambient machine noise, low-frequency machine rumbles, even a few nature noise textures as well.

The Elektron Analog Heat MKII was used extensively to give these recordings a really amazing sound quality.


  • Misc Noise (white noise, tape noise, machine noise, etc.)
  • Nature Noise (gentle streams and birds mostly)
  • Vinyl Noise (from perfect dusty vinyl crackles, to deeply filthy and oversaturated vinyl textures!)

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