Euphoric Wave Energize Vocals Vol.1 WAV

Euphoric Wave Energize Vocals Vol.1 WAV

Euphoric Wave Energize Vocals Vol.1 is dedicated to providing you with the perfect MC style vocals. Essential to anyone who wants to add energetic, powerful vocals to their tracks. This pack contains 10 short vocals, 9 long vocals, 10 predrop vocals and 10 war chants, providing multiple possibilities to spice up your track.

19 unique MC vocals
Finding the perfect MC-style vocals for your track can be a challenge. Euphoric Wave Energize Vocals will provide you with 10 x 8 bar and 9 x 16 bar vocals, ready to drag and drop to add a whole new energy to your tracks.

Double the possibilities
Each of the 8-bar and 16-bar vocals comes with two versions (A&B). Giving more flexibility around the feel you want to portray in your tracks. Version B contains a vocal shout. Perfect for building intensity before your drop.

Including pre-drops & chants
Besides the 19 main vocals, there are also 10 pre-drop vocals included. These are short 2-bar vocals that can be added right before your climax. To help your track to perfection, there are 10 chants included, ideal for adding something special to your break.

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