Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Beginner Fingerpicking TUTORIAL

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Beginner Fingerpicking TUTORIAL

Beginner Guitar Fingerpicking. A complete guide from beginner to intermediate for Acoustic & Electric Fingerstyle guitar

What you’ll learn:

  • Fingerstyle Guitar
  • Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques
  • Guitar Chords
  • A mix of fun, creative and challenging guitar riffs and songs
  • Timing
  • Beginner to intermediate guitar progression
  • A range of guitar techniques
  • An encouragement for your own creative expression
  • An introduction to classical guitar


  • Acoustic or electric guitar
  • Available for all ages and abilities
  • No experience necessary

This fingerpicking guitar course covers everything you need to play fingerstyle on the guitar. It’s suitable for the complete beginner and works up to intermediate level – on both acoustic and electric guitars.

Fingerpicking is a highly valuable technique to develop and will put you in great shape as you progress through your learning journey. This fingerstyle technique crosses many genres and enables a great level of diversity to your guitar playing. It helps improve finger strength and independence – develops ability in both hands – creates access to a wider mix of musical styles and adds extra possibilities to your own creative expression.

We begin with simple picking patterns, which will progress to enabling you to tackle some well known songs. Along the way, we learn a range of fingerpicking techniques and I will encourage you to begin to think about how you could implement these in to your own compositions. I believe that encouraging a student to find their creative voice, is a great approach for further developing confidence and awareness of your own individual and unique musical output.

There are various chords used throughout, so if you are completely new to the guitar, you may also wish to checkout my first class: ‘Beginner Guitar Lessons: Learn Guitar – The Complete Guide’, which you can find on Udemy. This class covers every essential topic you need to get up and running on the guitar and has a large emphasis on helping you to develop your own – unique – creative ability.

Resources: Lots of PDF’s are attached to this course, that contain the tab for each song that we work on – with some extra ones thrown in too, so that you can challenge yourself and continue your learning journey, after working through each lesson that I provide. I’ve also included documents explaining finger positions and other techniques we cover throughout the class.

I am available for any questions or comments you might have, so please feel free to message me at any point. I login everyday and am always keen to help students wherever possible.

I wish you all the best with your guitar journey!

Good luck!

Who this course is for:

  • Guitar Players
  • Beginner Guitar Players
  • Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar Players
  • Beginner Fingerpicking Guitar Players
  • Musicians