FMA Accelerated Psytrance Production w/ Kabayun

FMA Accelerated Psytrance Production w/ Kabayun TUTORIAL

Have you been looking to jumpstart your production skills and don’t have the time (or money) for one of our full length courses? This is the perfect webinar for you!

Join Kabayun as he gives a crash-course in Psytrance music production with Cubase 10!

2h live online lecture + question & answer session

Teacher: Kabayun (Sangoma Records)

DAW: Cubase

Full course: Psytrance & Forest Music Production w/ Kabayun

In a 3 hour webinar+Q&A session, he will go over all the basic building blocks of a psytrance track including Kick, Bass, Percussion, Leads and Atmospheres, using FX plugins, audio manipulation, samplers, MIDI, composition and arrangement, EQ, compression, mixing techniques and more.

In order to cover everything in a short time, we will be doing a combination of creating new sounds with software synthesizers, and using the killer sounds and samples from “Wacky Characters” by Ingrained Instincts & Module Virus (Sangoma Records).

By making a remix instead of starting completely from scratch, we will cut down on wasted time and be able to focus on what’s really important, crafting a track and writing music!

Kabayun is very excited about this webinar. Sign up now to join him for what will be a very fun and informative session!

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