FMA - Composition and Arrangement w/ Kabayun

FMA Composition & Arrangement w/ Kabayun TUTORIAL

So, you’ve perfected your kick/bass, you’ve learned how to make leads and atmospheres, you have your percussion grooves rolling, but then what? How do you go from jamming on your DAW and making loops, to writing a full length track?

Well, Kabayun is here to help with a webinar focusing on arrangement and composition in Psytrance!

David will show you the ropes, going over ideas on how to get inspiration and build the “flow” of your track, how to layer and build sounds and percussion to create a story for the listener/dancer to follow.

He will cover techniques like call & response, how to make breaks and build-ups, as well as organizational techniques that will help you to visualize your track’s progression, and some basic concepts from Music Theory that are applicable in Psytrance music.

Of while course some things will be up to every individual to discover for themselves as they find their own unique voice, there are lots of tips and techniques that seasoned producers use to create a track that sounds good AND works for the dance floor.

Join us on 09 October 7pm CEST for a webinar with Kabayun that will help you to elevate your compositional skills!

2h live online lecture + question & answer session

Teacher: Kabayun (Sangoma Records)

DAW: Cubase/Ableton

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Demo Preview: