Fors Doublet Ambidextrous Synthesizer [ALP]

Fors Doublet Ambidextrous Synthesizer [ALP]

Ambidextrous Synthesizer
Doublet is a Max for Live device with wavetable synthesis in one hand and FM in the other.

A sleek, powerful voice that takes concepts from FM and Wavetable synthesis, combining them by harnessing the best of both. 2-dimensional wavetable scanning meets 2-operator FM, with a twist of phase shaping. This striking harmonic brilliance can be tamed with a comforting variable slope lowpass filter.

Carefully balancing functionality and interface, Doublet offers an unrivaled ratio of sonic complexity to operational simplicty – without losing control.

It has:

  • ➋ × 2D-FM Wavetable Oscillators
  • ➊ × ADE Operator Envelope
  • ➊ × Variable Slope Lowpass Filter
  • ➊ × Ordinary AHR Amp Envelope
  • ➊ × Flexible LFO Modulator
  • ➊ × Looping Slope Modulator


Achieve a deep level of sonic precision and quality without the confusion of unnecessary operators. Doublet is built for complex results, balanced by an intuitive, graceful interface.


Doublet embodies the spirit of both FM & Wavetable synthesis, elegantly woven together for maximum flexibility and versatility.


Doublet is designed to be modulated. Two internal modulation sources make Doublet’s sound wonderfully malleable and dynamic.

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