Fractal Sounds Exogenesis For Vital

By | September 10, 2022

Fractal Sounds Exogenesis For Vital

Fractal Sounds Exogenesis For Vital

In a very short period of time, Vital became one of the most popular synthesizer amongst the psytrance producer community.

In the Fractal Sounds studio we wanted to make sure we would provide a high quality and unique Vital bank. Countless hours were invested in mastering this synth, finding its strengths and discover how to exploit them at their full potential.

The result is an otherwordly collection of sonic vibrations. Strange, captivating and unique.

100 Psychedelic Presets

Made exclusively from Fractal Sounds wavetables

Complex Macros

Made using some of the Vital 1.5.1 features

Includes both industry standards sounds and innovative sounds

Gain staged bass presets ready to enter your favorite processing chain

This pack contains:

  • 10 Acid Leads
  • 7 Psytrance Bass
  • 5 Grid Leads
  • 36 Psychedelic Leads
  • 11 Pads
  • 6 Sequences
  • 5 Vox Leads
  • 20 Zap Fx

IMPORTANT – This sound bank requires Vital version 1.5.1 and above. This version is currently only available to Vital PRO users or Vital subscribers.

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