Fresh Funky Samples Afrika – Afrobeat & Funk WAV

By | September 2, 2021

Fresh Funky Samples Afrika – Afrobeat & Funk WAV

Fresh Funky Samples Afrika – Afrobeat & Funk WAV

It’s OH So Fresh, It’s OH So Funky…! It’s the Fresh Funky Samples crew presenting “Afrika – Afrobeat & Funk”, a premium sample pack with over 600 dripping wet samples – a Funk extravaganza that explores the irresistibly groovy sound of Afrobeat!

Take a deep dive into a music genre that infuses various West African music styles with jazz and funk and has been immortalized by genius such as Fela Kuti and Tony Allen!

“Afrika – Afrobeat & Funk” includes over 1.20 GB worth of deluxe Studio Recorded funk and afrobeat drenched sounds ! Expect to find frenzied beats, blissful horns sections , relentless basslines, dusty keys, sleek guitars and percussion backing instruments !

Let’s explore all the goodies inside “Afrika – Afrobeat & Funk” and surf through some of the juiciest and funkiest samples you will ever mix:

We included the full mixed drum loops put also all the separate multitracks like Kick, Overheads, Snare, Rack & more!

Shake things up with Congas, Claves, Shekeres and more!

Funky bass sounds with a West African blend at your disposal

ORGAN & Electric Piano
Fresh organs & electric piano loops for instant inspiration

Deluxe Brass works that include Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone as separate tracks but also full mixed versions for added flexibility!

You get both Rhythm and Tenor Guitar in both Amp and DI versions….You’re welcome! ?

// Tempos range from 71BPM to 124 BPM
// ALL sounds were LIVE recorded
// WAV Format
// 6 CONSTRUCTION KITS including Full Mixed version
// 606 Samples
// 100% Royalty-Free


Demo Preview:

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