Future Koncept Dofflin Music Vol.1 WAV

Future Koncept Dofflin Music Vol.1 WAV

Looking to flip your productions and sprinkle some bang on-trend future feels into your mix? Follow Future Koncept through the dreamy portal out of the Trap and into electronic utopia with their super-fresh and genre-defining Dofflin Music Vol. 1 sample pack! This truly unique arcade game inspired sound library encapsulates everything we love about this hot new effervescent sub-genre – sometimes referred to as Neon Bass, Future Bass or Chill Trap – from the glitchy 808 inspired beats all the way through to the airy synths, chopped up leads, jazzy R&B chords and retro games console inspired sounds!

Dofflin Music Vol. 1 packs in 7 juicy folders of Drum Loops, Drum Shots, Deamy Arps, Melodic Synths & Vocals, Sweet Basslines, Stutter Chords, Risers & FX! From the sparkling Arp sample ‘Soda Pop’ to the sticky sweetness of Melodic Synth sample ‘Donut Island’ and the slow-mo ray gun bleat of Drum Loop ‘Jittery’ this Dofflin sound pack is perfect for straight up productions in the style of the genre’s current frontrunners such as Cosmo’s Midnight, Wave Racer or Pusher, or for adding the bright shiny elements of Dofflin, Future Bass or Chill Trap into any other unsuspecting genre!

Breezing in at 407MB+, this essential Dofflin sample pack casually delivers its whimsical audio goodness via direct download and as soon as it lands in your download folder you can click, drag and drop any of the samples straight into any major DAW. Not only is this pack completely royalty free, it’s also supplied in flawless 24-bit High Definition audio clarity! So if you’re hustlin’ for some Dofflin, take a walk on the bright side of the Trap with Dofflin Music Vol. 1, fresh from Future Koncept!

Download contains:

  • 31 x Dofflin Drum Loops
  • 9 x Dreamy Arps
  • 32 x Melodic Leads & Vox
  • 21 x Stutter Chords
  • 22 x Basslines
  • 50 x Drum One Shots
  • 11 x Risers & FX
  • 122 – 160Bpm
  • 407.6MB
  • 24Bit Audio Quality

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