Future Media Academy Advanced Mixing Techniques with Re:Set TUTORIAL

By | September 27, 2021

Future Media Academy Advanced Mixing Techniques with Re:Set TUTORIAL

Future Media Academy Advanced Mixing Techniques with Re:Set TUTORIAL

Congratulations! You’ve assembled your sounds nicely and your track is almost complete. Now… What’s next? The MIXING! Explained by Re:Set/Artificial Behavior.

Fran aka Re:Set is a music producer, sound engineer and sound designer at Hypertone Studio based in Berlin. His projects Re:Set, Artificial Behavior, Mud and Nocturnalism.

We are pleased to host Re:Set’s 3 hour mixing lesson and a Q&A of a well-produced Dark Prog track from a student of Francesco.

During the webinar Francesco will show different strategies, techniques and the philosophy behind a powerful, emotional and ready-to-use sound mixing in the post-production of a track.

Theoretical and practical aspects of the mixing process

  • Studio Acoustics (Room correction)
  • Monitoring (Speaker placement, Headphones correction & mistakes)
  • 5 Steps for a better Production (..and mixing)
  • Musical Brain
  • Function (and goals)
  • Turning your weakness into strength
  • Preparation of the mixing process and headspace (how to be simple and effective!)
  • Drum Tuning and Sample replacement
  • Rhythm and Frequency content (Analysis)
  • Eq (Separation between sounds — when and why — dealing with mud and resonances)
  • Contrast (Sparse to Dense and Bright to Dark)
  • Stereo Placement / Space vs Frequencies (Mono vs Stereo — Panning)
  • The importance of the Mono signal (how to achieve a wider mix)
  • Compression and Motion (Philosophy & Most common mistakes)
  • Transient Shaping (Transients vs Body)
  • Multiband Processing (Dynamics and Saturation)
  • Clipper vs Limiter (difference, when and why)
  • Analog Emulations (Color, Harmonic Distortion)
  • Reflectivity (Far to Near)
  • FXs (Why the effect is [often] more important than the sound itself)
  • Automations (To create/enhance contrast and emotion)
  • M/S mixing techniques
  • Perceived loudness tips & tricks
  • Phase Coherency (learn to read the Oscilloscope)
  • Referencing other Mixes (Ego, mixing notes)
  • Finishing your Mix… and learn to say goodbye!


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