GameDev Market Weapon Sound Pack Vol.1+2 WAV

GameDev Market Weapon Sound Pack Vol.1+2 WAV

12 weapons combined in one sound pack!

Take your creation to a bigger scale!

This sound pack combine the volume 1 and 2 for a more advanced one!

This is a bigger sound pack for more ambitious game!

The package contains:

  • 471 sounds
  • 12 different weapons
  • Berreta M92, Glock17, AK47, M16, ColtPython, S&W Model 29, Shotgun Benelli M3, Spas-12, Arctic Warfare, Barrett M82, Uzi, MP5
  • 6 different weapons type: Pistol, Automatic, Revolver, Shotgun, Sniper, SMG
  • Shooting sound
  • Shell casing sounds
  • Handling sounds
  • Reloading sound
  • Aiming sounds
  • Royalty free sounds

All sounds have been recorded in Stereo 44KHz.

And don’t forget, you can still buy each weapon separately, if needed.

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