Ghosthack Sci Fi Atmospherics WAV

Ghosthack Sci Fi Atmospherics WAV

Sci-Fi Atmospherics for Filmmakers and Music Producers
Get Over 2.8 GB of Atmospheric Sci-Fi Sounds Today!
Dive into some deep atmospheric Sci-Fi sounds!
Our last cinematic sound pack was well received and spawned so much positive feedback, we thought a follow up with even more diverse and epic sounds would suit especially those of you, who are keen on integrating some mad futuristic tone colors in their productions.

Enter the brand new »Sci-Fi Atmospherics« pack with its stunning array of carefully modulated sounds and effects, ready to transport any listener decades if not centuries into an unknown future we can hardly imagine. Categorized into 10 different folders, this package offers a well-arranged and aurally crystal clear palette of atmospheres, drones, melodics as well as super dense textures for creating a whole world inside the mind of the listener.

On top of that, we have mind-bending bass hits and basslines that will flatten the haircuts of anybody in the room, if used wisely. Combined with over 50 powerful effects, impacts, percussion and crispy tops, you have absolutely everything at hand to not only create an original and unorthodox soundtrack for a film or video game, but to make it something that can stand alone as a maelstrom of deep atmospheric sound design.

Of course, the whole package with over 400 files comes in top notch 24bit .wav quality and is subdivided into 44100Hz and 96000Hz, so no quality standard will be too high for your work. All in all, this soundbank is quite frankly one of the best we’ve assembled in the last years.


  • 50 Atmospheres
  • 20 Bass Hits
  • 30 Basslines
  • 13 Full Music Tracks
  • 54 Drones
  • 51 SFX
  • 31 Impacts
  • 50 Melodics
  • 51 Percussions
  • 50 Textures
  • 30 Tops


Demo Preview: