Groove3 CR8 Creative Sampler Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 CR8 Creative Sampler Explained TUTORIAL

Studio wiz Eli Krantzberg presents a set of comprehensive CR8 Creative Sampler video tutorials! If you’re ready to start integrating this new, affordable Waves software sampler into your workflow and start enjoying its creative workflow, this course is for you. Eli walks you through the basics and then covers the advanced features and functions in detail, showing you plenty of tips and tricks along the way. These videos are for new CR8 Creative Sampler users.

Eli welcomes you and gets right to it, showing you how to load sounds, explore the presets, and manage your files. Then he covers the global controls, such as the root pitch for each sample layer, selecting the preferred view, and other global parameters. Discover how to quickly set the start/end points of a sample, add fades/loops, and how to maintain certain parameters when loading new samples.

Next, explore the five different pitch-shifting and time-stretching algorithms to see which ones are useful for different scenarios and why. Also learn how to set the desired gain, tempo, pitch, speed, length, imaging controls, and more for each sample. Eli also gives you an informative tour of COSMOS, the included sample finder, so you’ll be able to quickly locate and organize your samples.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn about this plugin’s many other features, including the filter section, LFO modulation, sequencer modulation, ASDR envelopes, keyboard modulators and zones, MIDI learn, the instrument setup presets, and more!

To see exactly what’s contained in these in-depth CR8 tutorials, and how they’ll get you quickly acclimated to this sampler’s deceptively impressive feature set, see the individual CR8 Creative Sampler video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn a fun, new, and intuitive way to harness the power of sampling… Watch “CR8 Creative Sampler Explained®” now!