Groove3 Creative Mixing with iZotope Neutron TUTORIAL

Join Groove3 instructor Thomas Cochran for a video course on strategies for getting creative in your mixes with iZotope’s Neutron 4 mixing plugin suite. In this course, you’ll learn ways to enhance your drum and percussion sounds, including kits, percussion loops, 808s, and more. Thomas will also teach you how to achieve warmth and definition on your synths with some smart uses of multi-band processing and a few other tricks as well. Sometimes you have to step outside the box a bit to get new, exciting results, and that’s what this course is about. These videos are for users with a basic familiarity of Neutron 4.

Thomas begins the course by focusing on drums and percussion, demonstrating how to achieve a polished drum sound by way of multi-band processing, gates, and EQ. Then discover how to enhance your 808 kick with added definition by using Neutron’s Exciter module and improve the sound of your percussion loops with Unmask Mode. You’ll also learn some tips for creating interesting filter effects along the way.

Next, explore ways of using Neutron’s limiter to achieve tighter, snappier drums that will more easily stand out in a mix. The second half of the course deals with synths, and Thomas again demonstrates how multi-band processing can save the day by adding warmth and clarity. Learn some fresh ways of employing Neutron 4’s Unmask Mode to create various side-chain effects, such as pumping and ducking, and see how the Learn Modes can help quickly and painlessly improve your mix’s balance and save you time for other mixing decisions.

Neutron 4 is a smart, powerful program indeed, but with this Neutron video course, you’ll see how its many features can be used in some non-obvious ways that yield fantastic results. The individual iZotope Neutron tutorial descriptions will provide more information on the contents of each, so check them out to learn more. When it comes to mixing with iZotope’s Neutron 4, it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks! See and hear what we mean… watch “Creative Mixing with iZotope Neutron” now!

What You Will Learn:

  •  Ways to enhance your drum sounds and create a polished, professional drum mix with multi-band procession, gates, and EQ
  •  How to add punch and definition to your 808 kicks with the Exciter module
  •  Using Neutron’s limiter for tighter-sounding drums
  •  Adding warmth and definition to your synth sounds with multi-band processing
  •  Creating side-chain effects by using the Unmask Mode and more!

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