Groove3 Elastik Explained® TUTORIAL

Groove3 Elastik Explained® TUTORIAL

Studio guru Larry Holcombe presents detailed Elastik 3 video tutorials! If you’re ready to start using Elastik 3 to generate new sounds and ideas in your productions, this is the course for you! Larry covers the plugin in-depth – from the basics to the more advanced functions and features – and includes many helpful demonstrations along the way, so you’ll be ready to generate ideas from scratch. These videos are for new Ueberschall Elastik 3 users.

Larry welcomes you and then starts with a tour of the interface, familiarizing you with the layout of the plug and showing you how to quickly load libraries. You’ll learn all about the Browser next, which conveniently organizes your sounds and loops and allows you to seamlessly audition sounds in the tempo and key of your song. Larry then covers the Sample Trigger Area and demonstrates how to set the start/end loop points, change the grid size for more specific loop adjustments, map specific sounds in different ways, and more.

Next, explore the Retune feature. This is a powerful tool that allows you to change the key of your sounds, both within the Browser and the Loopeye, with startling clarity. The Time feature is next, allowing you unparalleled control of the tempo of multiple sounds and loops for in- or out-of-sync playback and creative stop or speed-up effects.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn how to use more advanced features like Pitch/Formant, Volume, Pan, Cutoff, Resonance, Reverse, and Envelope, each of which provides powerful sound-shaping possibilities! You’ll also discover how to use the Sequencer to generate time-based glitch effects and other loop variations and learn how the Inspire feature can help generate new ideas with the click of a button.

To see exactly what these comprehensive Ueberschall Elastik 3 tutorials show, and how they’ll have you generating exciting sounds and effects with Elastik 3 in no-time, see the individual Elastik 3 video tutorial descriptions on this page. A world of untapped sonic possibilities awaits within Elastik 3; learn how to take advantage of them now… Watch “Elastik Explained®” today!