Groove3 GrooveCell Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 GrooveCell Explained TUTORIAL

Pro Tools guru Eli Krantzberg presents a comprehensive series of video tutorials on GrooveCell! This new virtual sampler for Pro Tools is loaded with useful features, and this course will help you get familiarized and up to speed quickly. Eli takes you on a tour of all the important functions, demonstrating each with effective examples before culminating with a full beat designed from scratch. These videos are for new GrooveCell users.

Eli welcomes you and starts with a general overview of the instrument, so you’ll be familiar with how everything is laid out before moving on. Then you’ll learn how load samples (single or multiple) onto a pad and how to set the trigger mode for each pad: velocity split, round robin, or layered. Watch as Eli explains and demonstrates the Pad Settings, which allow offsets for volume, pan, tuning, amp/pitch envelopes, and much more.

Next, explore the functionality of the sequencer, which allows for per-row randomization, altering the number of steps, playback direction, and step duration, among other variables. Then check out the onboard FX, such as EQ, drive, compression, and send/return reverb and delay, as Eli tweaks them within a mix in real time.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll become familiar with the other important features, including MIDI control (assigning hardware knobs to various parameters, etc.), exporting (single MIDI clips, multiple MIDI clips, stereo audio file, individual samples, etc.), multiple outputs (so they’re available as Aux Track inputs), presets, and more! Finish off by watching Eli create a drum part from scratch, tying together much of what you’ve learned.

To see exactly what’s contained in these in-depth GrooveCell tutorials, and how they’ll streamline your workflow when creating beats in Pro Tools, check out the individual GrooveCell video tutorial descriptions on this page. Get the beats in your head out and into your track quickly… Watch “GrooveCell Explained®” today!

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