Groove3 Producing Disco House Explained® TUTORIAL

By | April 2, 2022

Groove3 Producing Disco House Explained® TUTORIAL

Groove3 Producing Disco House Explained® TUTORIAL

Studio wiz Larry Holcombe delivers a comprehensive series of video tutorials on producing Disco House! If you want to know how to make your disco house tracks come alive and hit hard with creative use of EQ, compression, side-chaining, and more, this course is for you. Larry takes you step by step creating a complete disco house track from scratch, singling out each component and demonstrating the processing and techniques used to create the finished, professional product. These videos are for anyone looking to make their first house track, or go further with their disco house productions.

Larry welcomes you and starts by playing through the track he’ll be creating in this series, setting the framework for the course and letting you know what’s to come. He then moves on to the drum tracks, working through each element – kick, clap, hats, percussion loops, etc. – and explaining how each sound is achieved. The bassline is then added, using filtering and side-chaining to achieve the trademark pumping effect, while guitars are introduced to add melodic and rhythmic variation.

Next, explore the concept of arrangement and learn how to keep your track from sounding too monotonous and predictable. With various techniques such as filter cutoff automation, “resets” (dropping the bottom out), ear candy, and more, you’ll learn how to give your song direction and momentum!

Throughout the rest of the course, Larry continues to refine the track with effects, edits, additional percussion sounds, automated buses, and more before finalizing things with a quick mix and master session!

To see exactly what’s contained in these in-depth disco house production tutorials, and how they’ll help you start producing this popular genre with proven techniques, check out the individual Producing Disco House video tutorial descriptions on this page. Go back to the future of modern disco house today… Watch “Producing Disco House Explained®” now!

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