Groove3 Session Bassist PRIME BASS Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Session Bassist PRIME BASS Explained TUTORIAL

Session Bassist PRIME BASS from Native Instruments provides a powerful and versatile method for laying down some seriously grooving bass lines. In order to help you get the most out of this plugin, Eli Krantzberg has put together a complete PRIME BASS video course geared toward familiarizing you with every aspect of this deep virtual instrument. For the singer-songwriter or producer, especially, this is surefire way to get a solid low end on your next track. These videos are for new Session Bassist PRIME BASS users.

After welcoming you with an overview of how PRIME BASS works and what it can do, Eli begins by demonstrating how patterns can be triggered on the fly for quick, real-time arranging when you need to get an idea down quickly. Then you’ll learn the process for creating your own bass parts from scratch, using key switches in the Melodic Version to switch between articulations for stunning realism.

Explore how to combine these two approaches – patterns and manually played parts – next, for a customized bass line that uses the best of both worlds. The Song and Pattern browsers are then covered, including how to search, select, and load patterns for instant recall. Discover the difference between Loop patterns and Single-note patterns and how each can be used to cover your specific needs and also learn about Phrase mode and One Pitch mode, both of which can alter the notes within bass patterns.

Many other topics are covered in depth as well, including MIDI drag and drop (for quickly adding a pattern to your DAW project), adding dead notes, endings, and slides, using dynamics, the pattern inspector, sound presets, bass settings (for customizing the tone and other features), odd time signatures, and more!

See the descriptions below for more information on what’s contained in each Prime Bass video. By the end of the course, you’ll know everything you need to know in order to achieve your goal, whether that’s a quick, rough, serviceable bass part for a demo or a full-fledged, professional-sounding custom bass part! Don’t settle for inflexible loops or unimaginative MIDI bass lines… watch “Session Bassist PRIME BASS Explained┬«” today!

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