Groove3 Using Reason as a Plug-In Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Using Reason as a Plug-In Explained TUTORIAL

Music production expert Thomas Cochran presents comprehensive video tutorials on using Reason as a plugin! If you want to make use of all the features and functions (instruments, effects, etc.) of Reason while in another DAW, this is the course for you. Thomas explains the basic concepts and then continues on to demonstrate many advanced tips and tricks when in this scenario. These videos are for those new to the idea of using Reason as a plugin with another DAW.

Thomas welcomes you and begins right away, showing you how to load and use instruments in the Reason Rack plugin. You’ll also learn the basics of the plugin layout, including the browser and more. Then, discover how to use your favorite Reason effects and the various controls you have available in Reason Rack. This includes basics setups as well as more complicated effects routings.

Next, explore how to setup multiple audio outputs from the plugin, which is useful in situations like processing drum sets and other multi-channel sources. Also discover some useful tips for using side-chaining compression while running multiple signals into the Reason plugin.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn other tips and techniques, such as MIDI routing (in and out of Reason), automating instruments and effects within the Reason Rack, and more! Thomas closes out the course by designing a complex sound in Ableton using instruments and effects from the Reason Rack.

To see exactly what these in-depth Reason tutorials contain, and how they’ll help make the plugin architecture easy to understand, check out the individual Using Reason as a Plugin video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn how to use the best of both worlds today… Watch “Using Reason as a Plug-In Explained®” now!